I help other eCommerce business owners and professionals learn new skills

Hi, or should I say G’day. My name is Iain (ian, with an extra i), and I’m an independent eCommerce consultant originally from the UK but moved to Australia in 2011.

I work with a handful of select brands to help them run their eCommerce stores profitably. However I kept getting asked to help other brands and I didn’t have the capacity. So I decided to set up Boom Ecommerce to document what I do to share the knowledge!

Why Boom?

I call the moments you realise something significant a “Boom moment”. That moment when it clicks. Boom was setup to create as many of those as possible.

For example, I had a Boom moment when I realised I’d be much better off buying an existing eCommerce business that had proven sales rather than starting one from scratch.

Where to find eCommerce businesses for sale

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