Thanks for clicking the link on my LinkedIn profile. Few options of how I can help.

Ecommerce Business & Marketing Coaching

Are you up and running and making sales but need some help figuring a few things out like Facebook, Google Ads, SEO, or making the store profitable? Then Ecommerce coaching is for you.

How to Buy an Ecommerce Business for the Price of a Holiday

You might of seen some of my posts on LinkedIn about my side project and want to know more. Get a some tips on how to find one yourself and how I did it.

Ecommerce Consultancy 1-2-1

I run a one man eCommerce consultancy where I work with a select handful of brands to help them run their eCommerce business successfully.

Something Else

I also speak at conferences throughout the year, available for interviews or just to chat eCommerce. Feel free to contact me.